Ranbir Kapoor

"Where the movies are truly made....now and forever."

Priyanka Chopra

"Thank you for an amazing experience."

Alia Bhatt

"Lovely place great location and lots of energy.Thank you."

Ranveer Singh

"To the most wonderful team of Chandivali Outdoor Location.You guys are doing a fabulous job! This place brings out the best in me! Thank you for your hospitality.Love always."

Bipasha Basu

"Thank you and all the best."

Emraan Hashmi

"Great Staff !"

Arjun Kapoor

"Lots of love.All the best."

Varun Dhawan

"Great studio lovely people and service."

Remo D'souza

"Its my fav studio and lucky studio too.Its a rocking place to shoot."

Bobby Deol

"Wish the studio all the best."

Vidya Balan

"Finally shooting at Chandivali .Happy to be here. Haven't seen the make up rooms but to believe they are clean.Keep it up. God Bless!!"

Randeep Hooda

"Efficient and sincere .Thanks

Sunidhi Chauhan

"Lovely place to shoot at.Had a fabulous time and the staff is great !!"

Kamal Hassan

"I was here 27 years back for “Sanam Teri Kasam”.Chandivali Studios is not only an Integral part of the Film Industry but also my memory.Love & regards…Kamal Hassan."

Paresh Rawal

"Thanks so much for the warmth and good gesture"

Firoz A Nadiadwala

"We have been filming here since late 1960 and it has been a great pleasure to be filming here."

Pooja Chopra

"Superb Place.Well maintained."

Omi Vaidya

"Very Nice Studio.Cute sets.Very quaint,nice Location,quiet and beautiful. Thanks for the nice shooting."

Ram Charan

"Had a Grt time shooting here"

Sagarika Ghatge

"Had a wonderful time shooting at the studio. Nice well kept rooms. ALL THE BEST!!!"

Ankita Lokhande

"Superb experience.Keep up the good work"

Tanvi Azmi

"I was really happy to be back in Chandivali Studios after sooo many years! NOSTALGIA !"

Supriya Pathak

"Thank you so much.Its a lovely place.Please do keep it up."


"I have very fond memories of this studio.i have shot many films.I am glad it is still functioning.All the best wishes."

Binod Pradhan

"Good place with many possibilities.I've been shooting here since 1977.Keep it up and don't succumb to realty."

Vijay Patkar

"Feels like home.Great fun to shoot here.All help us here. fun,fun fun. Relax and shoot."

Anurag Basu

"I shot 50 % of Barfee here!!This almost became my 2nd Home.It was great shooting here and I will keep coming back…..Love Anurag Basu"

Abbas Mastan

"Enjoyed working here after a long time."

Shashank Bali

"Chandivali Studio is a part of the Golden history,the entertainment industry of India .I am proud to shoot here."

Ali Abaas Zafar

"Loved shooting in Chandivali. Feels like home.will come back soon."

Vipul Shah

"Very well maintained.Good Staff.Nice vibe."

Dia Mirza

"This is our second film shoot here.Thank you so much for your cooperation.It is an absolute pleasure shooting here.Wish everyone at the studio a wonderful year ahead !"

Ram Gopal Verma

"All the Best"

Shernaz Patel

"It has been wonderful shooting here.Thankyou so much."

Boman Irani

"Thanks for your warmth hospitality and a Happy Shooting experience…. often.The Make up rooms are fab.All the best."

Jackie Shroff

"Long live Janmasthan.Hero Jackie ka Chandivali."

Johnny Lever

"One of the best place,best studio in Mumbai.Good atmosphere,good feeling.We all love Chandivali Studio. often.The Make up rooms are fab.All the best."

Rana Daggubati

"Superb Place.Well maintained."

Mukesh Khanna

"Chandivali Studio is not new to momane.I have grown as an artist with the rise and changes of this studio.It is now one of the oldest studios still living and ticking with time.It always was a good and friendly studio and it is still a friendly one.What Baba did to the studio his daughters did better to the studio.Lots of changes which we always wanted to be done was done by these enterprising daughters.Still lot can be done in this studio.For this i give some Shakti from Shaktimaan and an Ashirwaad from Bhisma."

Chunky Pandey

"Feels like i have traveled in a time machine.Love the studio and its glory.Been a very lucky location for many of us.Look forward to filming here more often.The Make up rooms are fab.All the best."

Anita Hassanandani

"Shooting @ Chandivali after years.Very happy to see the lovely change,Make up rooms are extremely comfortable and very well looked after.Thankyou and bestwishes.Hoping to shoot here again soon."

Tiku Talsania

"Shooting here has always been fun specially the garden brings a lot of fond memories out here. Had a great time,All the Best."

Ashish Sharma

"Excellent green rooms,superb facilities.keep it up."

Shabir Ahluwalia

"Chandivali has always been one of my favorite studio to shoot at and after the facelift it has become even better."

Melissa Pais

"Amazing make up rooms,very comfortable and thank God there is a T. v not to mention the C.C.TV cameras which helped us which helped us a lot .We had a wonderful experience. Thank you so much."

Sumeet Raghavan

"I have always felt wonderful whenever i come to Chandivali. I have been coming here for shoots since 1985 when i used to work as a child actor. I am so glad that the studio has managed to retain its charm among the concrete jungle.Keep it up."

Jyotin Goel

"It is now over 40 years that we have been shooting at Chandivali.My father Mr Devendra Goel was extremely... happy when he shot here,so was I when i shot my films Zehreelay and In am Dus Hazaar on the premises. I am launching my son Dev,in a new film and my first choice of Location within Mumbai is Chandivali. It is the last bastion of professionalism in the film industry and personifies all the old school values that made our Film Industry a world leader."

Shalini Khanna

"First we thought it is far and would be uncomfortable but the day we landed it's been great.The make up rooms ,the A/c set up the stays,the T.v the Mirror and the space the Loos,very well designed and maintained. Thanks for the camera(c.c.tv) which really helped.

Smite Singh

"Shooting in Chandivali Studio since past 10 years.It has renovated sometime back and now i guess it has one of the best make up rooms ever in any Mumbai Studios. Clean & nice,Studio is nice so it feels good whenever i shoot here.God Bless.Do well,Best wishes.

Swapnil Joshi

"I am shooting since i was a kid.The ambience has not changed a bit. Still reminds of my old memories and takes me back to my childhood.God bless the people who own it,run it and manage it. U ROCKK !!!"

Mohit Kumar Jha

"It is fun shooting at Chandivali Studio as you get good indoor & outdoor locations,wonderful Management team and very good make up Rooms. Besides that i have an old relationship with the studio,as i have started my career in the studio with the show Chacha Choudhary."

Manoj Goyal

"Shooting in this studio since the last 10 years and enjoying the environment and these days we enjoy the make up rooms more then our shoot. Thanks."

Sukesh Anand

"The most valuable place to shoot in my entire life and im not going to forget it because it was the Chandivali Studio where i started my career as an actor. Thanks and God bless you all."

Adah Sharma

"Very well maintained,clean bathrooms and A/c in impeccable condition.Neat!!"

Dilip Singh

"I was working for Shanti Das Art Director as his assistant .I have been coming to the studio since the past 40 years and more i love coming here .I have put up Film sets for lots of movies like Junglee, Shagird, Sharmilee, Ziddi, Jugnu, Azad, Naya Zamana, Safari, Salankhen, Ashiq Awara, Barood, Jheel Ke Us Par, Hich Kya Chukla, Love in Tokyo, Prince, Karmo Ki Sazaa, Chamatkar Shikari etc. I love Chandivali Studio as it is my second home and there is no replacement for this studio."

Rakesh Vashisth

"Love it..its like living in a star hotel room ! Keep it up ! Impressed."

Harsh Vashisth

"Very nice make up rooms,Adequate improvement in over all locations and Maintenance."

Dev Goel

"Great experience! Studio was always very accommodative,& standards were as high as i've ever seen.Keep it up .Looking forward to coming back soon!"


"You have made the studio rooms very nice.Its a pleasure to shoot here .Always comfortable.Thankyou so much."

Aman Verma

"The studio has come up very well.The rooms are in amazing shape.Keep it up."

Mona Ambegaonkar

"Thank you for all the adequate facilities.My Best wishes."

Ashish Ranglani

"Superb Studio facility on this side of suburb.Chandivali Studio has kept up with time and served people with upto date faculties,hence making stressful shoot,very easy.Wish you all the very best.Keep Going,Keep Growing."

Mrunal Jain

"To my surprise.It is one of the most beautiful place to shoot make up rooms feel like home and makes it much easier for an actor. Don't feel stressed out at all over here.Keep up the good work.Its beautiful."

Meghna Malik

"Coming to Chandivali Studio through Sakinaka traffic is quite something...but the minute you enter the green rooms..it is all smiles.Best that I have seen in Bombay in past 10 years ...lovely colour scheme,clean toilets..what else can an actor ask.Very Comfortable...Keep it up..."

Apoorva Lakhia

"Superb studio. Quiet and Awesome .Thanks."

Kedar Shinde

"मुंबईत इतका सोईचा स्युडियो आता नाही !! या वाक्याला छेद देण्याचा हा तुमचा संकल्प आहे.खुप शुभेक्ष्या!!"

Sunil Goel

"Wonderful Locations and the most producer friendly management that i have come across ..kudos to Bijal Kadam and all her staff for this wonderful experience."

Ankush P Chaudhari

"Always Best"

Ami Trivedi

"Been shooting here since ages.Got lots of fond memories & now it rocks even more after you've done up the make up rooms."

Manish Tulsiyani

"Awesome.. feels like im in Rajasthan.Lovely trees and the Location.Lively.Thanks a lot."

Nissar Khan

"Chandivali is one of the oldest studio of Mumbai,have heard about in my hometown in Malerkotla,Punjab Since my college days .Very Happy to shoot here today,have heard lot of good stories related to this studio.Good Ambience,Spacious,very pleasant atmosphere Now,it has improved a lot. I think now Chandivali have the best Makeup rooms in Mumbai .Looking forward to shoot here again."

Dharmesh Vyas

"I had started my career from this studio in 1987, and this is one of my memorable studio.It is amazing and a wonderful place to shoot."

Vibha Anand

"Very nice natural Locations,Feeling like shooting in Lonavala.Studio has kept up with time and served people with up to date facilties.Wish you all the very best."

Shambhvi Sharma

"Quite interesting Location very artistic nicely maintained."

Prateeksha Lonkar

"I feel nice to shoot here.You can watch the beauty of Nature."

Kuldeep Pawar

"Happy to see the changed Chandivali Studio. I worked here with a pleasant mind only because of the newly fresh make up Rooms.All the very best."

Anand Goradiya

"Chandivali Studio has evolved and taken an effort to make the actors comfortable.It is a pleasure to shoot in Chandivali Studio.Keep it up."

Himani Shivpuri

"I have shot here many times in the past ,coming today i was pleasantly surprised by the green rooms,ambience of the studio is very good.Im glad the make up rooms have improved with all the right facilties.Earlier the make up rooms were a minus point.All the best ,Keep up with the improvement."

Santosh Juwekar

"Shooting @ Chandivali after years.Very happy to see the lovely change,Make up rooms are extremely comfortable and very well looked after.Thankyou and bestwishes.Hoping to shoot here again soon.."

Husain Kuwajerwala

"I have shot here for many years while doing Kumkum bit im glad to see the change now in the studio,specially the make up rooms Finally !!! Please keep it up and there is a lot of scope of improvement. Thanks."

Dipika Samson

"I shot here for the first time ,Must say was really impressed with the cleanliness and the interiors of the rooms,even the garden area was very well kept. Great Job.Keep up the good work."

Shama Deshpande

"मकेउप रूम्स देख कर लगता हैं की सहीं मायिने में कोई ग्रीन रूम्स का मतलब समझ गया हैं.जहाँ आर्टिस्ट्स अपनी अदा करने के लिए तैयार होकर कैमरा के सामने जाता हैं,ऐसे लगता हैं के डेली सोअप के डोर में आर्टिस्ट को ऐसे रूम्स बना कर बहुत ही दिल से इज्ज़त मिली हैं.."

Ravi Kishan

"Always feel at home.Gr8 studio,Keep it up.Jahan Studio Khatham ho rahe hain aap log jeevith hain.Bravo."

Pooja Gor

"I love the studio Chandivali.It is honestly one of my favorite studios, considering the management, Hygiene, discipline, maintenance, love the studio."

Sachin Pilgaonkar

"Been shooting here since ages.Got lots of fond memories & now it rocks even more after you've done up the make up rooms."

Vijay Kadam

" १९८२ मध्ये या स्टूडियोचे मालक बाबा कदम यांची आणि माझी ओळख होतीच कारण त्यानी निर्मित केलेला चित्रपट हिचं काय चुकलं? त्यात महत्वाची भूमिका होती. तेव्हापासून या स्तुदिओत बरयाचवेळा आलो आहे.इथली महत्वाची गोष्ट म्हणजे इथले प्रशस्त आणि हवेशीर मकेउप रूम्स.इथल्या लोकेशनवर अख्खी इन्दुस्ट्री फ़िदा आहे.,मी पण आहे. पण आज चित्रपट साठी योगदान द्यायला बाबांच्या तीन कन्या तितक्याच ताकदीने काम करत आहेत.. शुभेक्ष्या !!

Jay Soni

" Make Rooms are really nice and clean. Please keep it up .Thanks."

Ragini Khanna

"Nice place very positive.Good Make up rooms."

Jayshree T

" For last 35 years I am shooting in this studio.Well Maintained.Very close to my heart.Long live Chandivali Studio."

Prashant Narayan

"Chandivali Studio has been a part of my life since my early career days,and it still retains its old world charm.Am happy about the way that is has developed since the years and wishing it success for many more years to come."

Sai Ballal

"What a transformation.Now there is a streak of Positivity in all the make up rooms.That's exactly what an artist yearns for before going in front of the camera ...I would like to shoot here again &again. Thanks!!"

Archana Patkar

" बरीच वर्षे या इन्दुस्ट्रीत काम करतये तसच या स्टूडियोतही पण आज काही वर्षानही या स्टूडियोत शूटिंग करण्याचा योग आला आणि जुन्या आठवनीना उजाला मिळाला. आपली मैत्री अशीच कायम राहो ही आशा आहे व टी पूर्ण व्हावी."

Jaywant Wadkar

"मी गेली २० वर्षे या स्तुदिओत काम करतोय,येउन प्रसन्न वाटते. आता फारच कमी स्टूडियो राहिले आहेत अगदी हातावर मोजण्याइतके. आपणास विनंती करतो की हा स्टूडियो तसाच ठेवा आणि आम्ही काम करत राहू. धन्यवाद !!"

Aadesh Bandekar

" इस स्टूडियो में १५ सालो से शूटिंग कर ता आ रहा हूँ.कितनी सेरिअल्स मैंने की हैं यहाँ पे,बहुत ही कोन्विएनेन्त और अपना सा लगता हैं. यह चंदिवाली स्टूडियो आज कल काफी आचा लग रहा हैं क्यूँ की खासकर मकेउप रूम्स बहुत ही आचे बनाये गए हैं.कभी वनिटी वन की याद नहीं आती. यह लग भाग हर लोकेशन यहाँ पर मिलता हैं. उस बहाने काफी मित्र जोह दूसरी सेरिअलो में हैं मिलते रहते हैं ,यही बारबार आने को जीह करता हैं.

Resham Tipnis

"Keep the good things going."

Rujuta Deshmukh

" खुप छान maintain केला आहे Studio .Changes in the make up Rooms are appreciated.Maintainance is done nicely .Please keep it up.Best Wishes."

Pradip Patvardhan

"हल्ली बरेच स्तुदिओच्न बिल्डिंग मधे रुपंथाराचे वारे बघत असताना या स्युदिओच आजही शूटिंगच प्रेम अभादित आहे,खरच खुप कौतुकास्पद आहे."

Avika Gor

"I have shot here many times.All the best keep up the good work .I loved Shooting here.Its fun shooting here."

Angad Hasija

"I like the studio and make up rooms are my favorite."

Sukanya Kulkarni

"Nice place very positive.Good Make up rooms."

Vivek Mushran

" Great Place. Brings back memories of so many times I have shot here. Thank you for not bringing the whole place down and constructing Buildings as is the norm thesedays.Best wishes."

Sunil Holkar

"मी ८ ते १० वर्षंपूर्वी येथे आलो होतो आणि आज शूट करतोय, जमीन आसमानचा करक आहे. खुप छान improvement आहे. याहीपेक्ष्या आणखी इम्प्रोवेमेंट होईल अशी अपेक्षया आहे.पण मजा आली. खुप फ्रेश वाटल."

Abhishek Rawat

" I really appreciate the new rooms and facilities.This is perhaps the only studio which proves time to time makes renovations.Its always lovely shooting here!!!"

Kishori Shahane Vij

"I have a long association with Chandivali Studio .Mostly all my Marathi Movies and all serials i have shot here for many years.The studio has really grown and renovated to the latest requirements.God Bless you with lots of success for the future."

Divyanka Tripathi

" Beautiful gesture on Chandivali 's part to offer lovely coffee mugs. Touched! Also loving Make up rooms now .Definitely don't need any vans in place of the well equipped rooms.Also it is a much cleaner place now."Shooting in Chandivali is a sheer pleasure now""

Sanjeeda Sheikh

" Lovely Rooms. Superb garden .positive atmosphere."

Tulip Singh

" I have shot at your studio from the past 7 years and its a lucky place and location for me and my production house .I am very happy to work at your studio."

Karan Wahi

"One of the rare places where you can shoot.So many Locations without any flaws .Loved shooting here .Thanks

Kritika Kamra

"" Have shot here for almost all my shows.so attached to the place in a way.Its well maintained and has been ever since.Keep it up."

Nitesh Pandey

"I love this location.Its 5 Min's from Powai where i stay."

Sara Khan

" All the very best,My first show i shot here and this place is very close to my heart.All the best."

Avdhoot Gupte

" Since filmmaking is a passion. Shooting is always Fun!!But Shooting in Chandivali Studio is Party time!!I started my career by Shooting “Jai Jai Maharashtra majha”music video here.So its lucky for me also .Cheers!!!"

Sachin Shroff

"Its always amazing to shoot at your studios.Its special for me as we shot our first pilot episode in your studio under our banner."

Dheeraj Kumar

"It is always a pleasure to be at Chandivali Studio.The people are good and the surroundings are beautiful.Keep it up."

Shobha Anand

" Make up Rooms are beautiful and clean.Good to see a clean and beautiful studio.Best Wishes."

Aruna Sangal

"Mind blowing space for shoot,makeup rooms are well built,environment is really very nice."

Aakansha Singh

" Nice to shoot here.Nice Experience. Thanks"

Atul Kulkarni

" Excellent managed Studio!!!Thank you so much for the spacious & Clean Makeup rooms. Thanks for a Nice Shooting Experience.!!!BEST!!"

Dinesh Lal Yadav

" मैं एक अभिनेता के रूप में chandivali स्टूडियो पहली बार में काम किया. स्टूडियो मेरे लिए भाग्यशाली है. मैं chandivali स्टूडियो में अपनी फिल्म के हर समय के भाग कर रहा हूँ. मेरे सह अभिनेता, निर्माता और निर्देशकों chandivali स्टूडियो में काम करने के लिए पहली प्राथमिकता दी. मैं फिर से और फिर से यहां आने और काम करने के लिए प्यार करता हूँ. यह पसंदीदा स्टूडियो से मेरी एक है. आपको धन्यवाद. प्यार के साथ"

Shweta Tiwari

" I grew watching Chandivali Studio in every movie with all the big actors working in it whether it’s a Mandir/Police station/Caves. It all looks so real!!! Regards."

Ridhi Dogra

" I have always enjoyed at Chandivali. By far the best makeup rooms around! Thank you & wish the studio is always choc block with shoots.!"

Milind Gawali

"This is my third Film in this Studio. Every time I shoot here it is a great experience, I have seen this Studio improving year after year. I have great memories here, which I cherish. I am looking forward to doing much more great films here. Thank you so very much."

Smita Talvalkar

" मी १९८३ साली कलाकार म्हणून पहिल्या चित्रपटाचे शूटिंग या स्टूडियोत केले. बाबा त्यावेळी जातींने हजर असायचा. दीपक हट्यालकार (निर्माता), अशोक सराफ, सुहास भालकर हे कलाकार होते. माझ्या करिअरची सुरुवातच या स्टूडियोत झाली. आता खूप बदल झाले. तरीही सर्विस तशीच चांगली आहे. बाबाची नज़र या ठिकाणी असणार.आता स्टूडियो संभालनार्या त्यांच्या मुलींना माझ्या खुप शुभेक्ष्या !"

Sushant Singh

Nicely Maintained! Keep it up!!!!

Taz Stereo Nation

"Had a excellent experience shooting here. Wonderful Green rooms and Staff. Thank you for having us!!!!"

Rati Pandey

" Nice,I like the renovation of the Makeup rooms. Its more spacious and cleaner than before."

Sparsh Khanchandani

"I have started my career here, will never forget this place. Lucky for me."

Feroz Khan

"Its an amazing place to shoot,feels so proud of this place.GOD BLESS,Looking forward to shoot soon."

Rakhi Vijan

"Fantastic studio.Have been shooting from 10 years.Love coming here."

Ashok Saraf

"मी एक दीर्घ कालावधीनंतर स्टुडिओ मध्ये येत आहे. मी स्टुडिओ मध्ये काही नवीन आणि सुंदर बदल पाहिले. स्टुडिओ व्यवस्थित, स्वच्छ, सुरक्षित आणि अतिशय चांगले वातावरण आहे आणि फार नैसर्गिक आहे. अभिनंदन. आपला विश्वासू"

Surbhi Jyoti

"Its very nice working in this studio.Long live Chandivali Studio"

Karan Singh Grover

"Very well planned studio and the make up rooms are quite tastefully done.Its been very comfortable shooting here.Keep up the good work."

Neha Pendse

"This studio is a Landmark for many years still going strong.Keep up the great work .Maintain the standard."

Ayaz Ahmed

"I quite enjoy shooting here and state of the art make up rooms."

Vipul Roy

"Excellent Studio and staff."

Samar Shaikh

"Love this Studio.Love this Location.Beautiful Memories.Thank you !"

Karan Patel

"Excellent floor management.It is always a pleasure to shoot in Chandavali Studios."

Vibhav Roy

"Awesome make up Rooms and decent floor management.Keep up the good work!"

Varsha Usgaonkar

"I have a long association with Chandivali Studio.It goes twenty years back at least.Though for last 4-5 years I hadn’t shot here.Today I was very happy and Glad to note certain good changes in the studio.Like for instance the new gate etc.I wish the team more success in the years to come.Warm Regards."

Dilip Joshi

"I have been shooting @chandivali studios since years and I am amazed to see the pleasant change being done all over especially in Make up Rooms.Please do maintain it.God Bless you all and may this studio have full occupancy always."

Digangana Suryavanshi

"Its always been an amazing exp shooting here.Its always well maintained and kept clean…Really good vibes ! Wish you all the best! Keep up with the good work !"

Shilpa Shirodkar

"A welcome change !!"

Mohit Dagga

"Jai Mata Di.All the Best."

Sneha G Wagh

"Amazing floor.Well maintained.Feels like working at home.Good Luck."

Suruchi Adarkar

"Very positive place and a beautiful studio I have ever seen."

Suyash Tilak

"A lovely ,peaceful place to shoot.Friendly staff,Nice Make up Rooms.Lots of Love and best wishes. "

Dinesh Phadnis

"Nice studio to shoot.Excellent Locations Very good village Location,Garden,Temple.I like very much."

Ali Asgar

"Its always very emotional feeling for me when I shoot at Chandivali Studio cos I shot my first film Shikari directed by Umesh Mehra over here long ago –I love being here-the garden-guffa-take me back to Amar Akbar Anthony and lots of Manmohan Desai Films plus the services provided by the studio is superb-Rooms/Staff-A one God Bless Chandivali"

Viswajeet Pradhan

"Have been shooting in Chandivali for almost 25 years now.Just like Bollywood the studio has evolved with the times.Best Wishes."

Ayushman Khurana

"Chandivali Studio gives the best ambience for film making.It has a creative feel.Thanks and Love."


"Chandivali Studio gives the best ambience for film making.It has a creative feel.Thanks and Love."

Pushkar Shrotri

"चांदिवली स्टुडिओ मध्ये मी गेली अनेक वर्ष शूट करतोई. प्रत्येक वेळी माला आलेला अनुभव खूप चांगला आहे. अत्यंत स्वछं आणि नीटनेटका स्टुडिओ, वेळोवेळी खूप सहकार्य करणारे कर्मचारी आणि कडक शिस्तीचं व्यवस्थापन, त्यामुळे शूटिंग करताना कसलाच प्रॉब्लेम येत नाही. सर्वांना एकाच विनंती, हे वातावरण असाच राहावा म्हणून प्रत्येक प्रॉडक्शन हाऊस ने देखील काळजी घ्यायला हवी. “शुभेछा”"

Spruha Joshi

"आतापर्यंत शूट केलेल्या स्टुडिओज पैकी CHANDIVALI STUDIO IS ONE OF THE BEST PLACE. इथला अंबियन्सं, मोकळी जागा, आर्टिस्ट, फ्रेंडली वातावरण आणि सगळ्यात महत्वाचे म्हणजे SPACIOUS आणि स्वछं मेकअप रूम्स THAT IS REALLY COMMENDABLE. त्यामुळे इथे केलेलं शूट नेहमीच लक्षात राहील. "

Umesh Kamat

"आतापर्यंत शूट केलेल्या स्टुडिओज पैकी CHANDIVALI STUDIO IS ONE OF THE BEST PLACE. इथला अंबियन्सं, मोकळी जागा, आर्टिस्ट, फ्रेंडली वातावरण आणि सगळ्यात महत्वाचे म्हणजे SPACIOUS आणि स्वछं मेकअप रूम्स THAT IS REALLY COMMENDABLE. त्यामुळे इथे केलेलं शूट नेहमीच लक्षात राहील."

Aditiya Srivastava

"Its my pleasure and fortune that I have got a chance of shooting in this iconic studio who has witnesses a galaxy of stars and great films and T.V shows.Best wishes to Chandivali Studio"

Viraf Phiroz Patel

"Love the make up Room….the greenery the possibilities this place can make come true! I wish it becomes the cradle for many more stories in the time to come! Long live Chandivali Studio!Can’t wait to come back and shoot.Love Viraf."

Prathamesh Parab

"स्टुडिओ छान आहे मी पाहिलेला हा दूसरा स्टुडिओ, पण पहिल्या पेक्षा मस्त आहे. सगळं खूप चांगलं मेनेज केलं जातं आणि सगळ्यात महत्वाचं कुठे ही गोंधळ दिसत नाही."

Farnaz Shetty

"I really liked the Make up Rooms and the Rest Room provided by the studio that really gives us relief and peace of mind.Clean and spaceful."

Shivin Narang

"Chandivali studio is one of the best place to shoot.I like the make up rooms ….I hope to shoot here more.Thank You.All d best."

Deepraj Rana

"The change which the studio has gone is very good,its become cleaner,the rooms and bathrooms are well very done."

Kamlakar Satpute

"फारच छान ! मके उप रूम्स अप्रतिम.आधीपेक्ष्या आता खुप छान वाटतय.हे असेच जतन करुन ठेवा.आपणास शुभेक्ष्या आणि अभीनंदन."

Mohnish Bahl

"Always a pleasure to shoot at Chandivali!!"

Rupal Patel

Excellent studio for outdoor shoot of Mandir,Garden,Caves.Best of Locations, Make room are very hygienic ,neat & clean. Staff is also very cooperative .Keep it up!!! GOD BLESS…..

Romit Raj

"Chandivali Studio is actually a landmark for Indian cinema and Television Industry.Big thank you for providing actors with fantastic work environment and lovely make up rooms.Best wishes."

Shagufta Ali

"have been coming here for the last 30 years !!Mashallah !! Feels like home every time.Allah kare 100 years tak Chandivali chalta rahe aur hum yuhi aate rahein .Inshallah!!"

Juhi Parmar

" Very good studio and Make rooms are done up very well."

Sumit Vats

It’s a pleasure coming here. Very Nice and well maintained makeup rooms. Hope will visit soon. Thanks for your good service & ambience.

Ronit Roy

"Its great to see Chandivali maintaining the old world charm.Very fond memories attached to this studio and whenever i shoot here its very nostalgic."

Hiten Tejwani

"Lovely atmosphere and a nice experience as always.Have been shooting here on and off for more then 7 years now.It has been lovely always.Keep it up!!!!"

Darshan .V.Jariwalla

"Have great memories of shooting for Excuse me! Way back in 2003.Very pleased to revisit.Besh Wishes!"

Mukul Dev

"Beautiful studio. Beautiful Make up Rooms.Lots of Love."

Sunil Tawde

"एक अभिनेता म्हणून मी स्टुडिओ मध्ये अनेक वर्ष पासून काम करत आहे. मी एक चांगला चित्रपट, नाटक आणि अल्बम, स्टुडिओ मध्ये निर्माण करण्यासाठी भविष्यात, सर्व शुभेच्छा देत आहे"

Sharad Kelkar

"This is Sharad Kelkar. I started my career from this studio 10 years back in 2002, and it has proven to be very lucky for me. Thank you Chandivali Studios and the whole team."

Upendra Limaye

"One of the finest and oldest studio of Mumbai. I love to work at this Location .Please maintain the place properly.With best wishes."

Arjan Bajwa

"Shooting in this studio makes you nostalgic of the times of Golden Era of Hindi Films .Hope this continuous for next generations to come.Best Wishes!!"

Swati Shah

I am shooting here after 14 years.Love the way this studio has come up like a phoenix. Amazing Changes,Wonderful maintenance. Please continue the good work!!!.

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