Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Who is the Founder of Chandivali Outdoor Location Chandivali Studio?

    Chandrarao Ganpatrao Kadam was the founder and owner of the Studio. Currently the studio is managed by his sons Mr. Anand Kadam, Mr.Kiran Kadam and Grandchildren Mrs. Kaushal Kadam Chauhan, Mrs. Bijal Kadam Padia, Mrs. Nehal Kadam Samanataray, Mr Gaurav Kadam and Miss Daksha Kadam.
  • 2. Where are the founder and his son Baba?

    The founder Chandrarao Kadam passed away in the year 1995 and his son Hemant Kadam better known as Baba passed away in the year 1998.
  • 3. When was the Studio Established?

    The studio was founded in 1944 and 1947 respectively.
  • 4. Is this a photo studio/Editing Studio? What type of a studio is Chandivali Studio? Do you produce Films/Serials?

    This is not a photo or editing studio. Chandivali studio is a Film Studio where we offer different Production houses our Studio locations to shoot for Films,serials,Albums ,Ad Films ,Croma Shoots ,Photo Shoots,Shows,Foreign Language Films/Serials etc. No we don’t produce Films or serials.
  • 5. What Kind of Locations does the studio offer?

    The studio offers both Indoor and Outdoor Locations.
  • 6. Does the Studio have an A/C floor and Non A/c Floor?

    Yes, the studio has Two non A/c's floors by the name C.G.K Floor and The Rainbow Floor.
  • 7. I want to see shooting at the studio. I have a group of foreigners who want to see Bollywood stars and the studio. We are ready to pay for the Studio tour. Please allow us. Does the studio permit visitors to tour the studio?

    No,Chandivali Studio does not permit Public tours at the studio.We will not allow any kind of visitors at the studio. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Outsiders/Visitors and Salesman are strictly prohibited.
  • 8. I am an actor, I am a Junior Artist, I am a spot boy. How can I work in Films? I want to get into the Film Industry. How can I get the Job? Address of the Production house.

    Please contact the respective production Houses whom you want to work for Or the respective casting director of the particular Film or banner. All production houses addresses/Technicians of the Indian Film/TV Industry can be found in the Film Directory easily available in the market.
  • 9. Do you allow School Field Trips/Rent the Studio for Marriages or corporate Events?

    No we do not allow School field trips .We do not provide the Studio for marriages, Corporate events or functions etc.
  • 10. I want to work at Chandivali Studio?

    Kindly send your resume to info@chandivalistudio.com
  • 11. I want to do a recee or remove still photographs of the studio for our Film/Serial etc?

    Please contact the studio booking office and take an appointment for the same.
  • 12. How do I book Chandivali Studio for shooting? What are the charges for the same? What are the facilities that you provide during shooting?

    For rates and further queries on the studio you can contact the studio Booking office between 9 A.m to 9 P.m.
  • 13. I want to sell a product at the studio? I want to offer my security guard services at the studio. Can I come and meet you at the studio?

    No you cannot walk in to the studio without an appointment. Kindly contact info@chandivalistudio.com and mail the details first.
  • 14. I am a Non Member. Can I work in the Film and TV Industry without Membership? How can I apply for membership? Do you know the office contact number??

    No Non Members cannot work without membership in the Film/T.V. Industry. We cannot provide you with any contact numbers for the same. Please use the help of a Film/T.V. Directory. All Artists and Technicians need to be registered under their respective Film/T.V. Industry Associations, before they work in the Indian Film Industry. For eg:Cine & T.V. Artists Association,Cine Dancer’s Association
  • 15. I want to become an Actor/Actress. I have done an acting course from a Film School. I have stage show experiences. I have a professional portfolio clicked. Can you help me with a contact? I want my child to become a child actor. Please see the portfolio and pass it on.Can I mail you?Do you know what are the names of the Film Directories?

    No we cannot help you .Please don’t mail us your portfolio pictures. You have to approach a casting director or a model co-ordinator for auditions. Please use a film/T.V. directory to contact Production Houses.You can refer to Screen India or Film India.